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Greetings. I'm Ron Ecker, owner of Hodge & Braddock, Publishers. I'm not only the sole proprietor but the sole employee.

So far I've only published four books, so you know I chose four that are special. And not just because I wrote them. I'm talking college course adoptions--three of the four titles--and a widely used reference work.

While you're here, let me tell you about them. You might want to buy one!

The Canterbury Tales

This is the only complete modern-English translation of Geoffrey Chaucer's masterpiece in hard-copy print. And according to the review journal Choice, "It is difficult to imagine anyone doing a better job." The translation, by me and Chaucer scholar Eugene J. Crook, has been adopted so far in over 100 college and university literature courses. (Not bad for a book no established publisher wanted. Now I'm glad I had to start my own company.) You can learn more about The Canterbury Tales, read an excerpt, view the online edition, and/or order the translation right now.

And Adam Knew Eve: A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible

Biblical sexuality, from the lovemaking of Adam and Eve to the book of Revelation's depiction of imperial Rome as a harlot on a scarlet beast, is given A to Z coverage in And Adam Knew Eve. Recommended by American Reference Books Annual, this work includes index, bibliography, and fine-art reproductions. You're invited to learn more about it, and browse through the online edition. Then I'm sure you'll run clickety-split to buy And Adam Knew Eve.

The Evolutionary Tales

If you want to understand the creation/evolution debate, simply be entertained, or both, read The Evolutionary Tales: Rhyme and Reason on Creation/Evolution, with Apologies to Chaucer and Darwin. This light verse on origins is in the form of a Chaucer parody. It's a serious work, though, that's been adopted in courses at DePaul University, Miami of Ohio, and Arkansas-Monticello. So go ahead, sample the online edition, or order the third printed edition.

Night of the Dragon's Blood

This comic first novel by William Pridgen (aka Ron Ecker) features Eva Perón and Adolf Hitler as vampires. It was adopted for the laughs in a course on Hitler at Ithaca College. The book is now out of print, but you can read the online edition.

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And Adam Knew Eve | The Canterbury Tales | The Evolutionary Tales

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